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Unclaimed Baggage at the airport ?? Buying them ?

Ive been reading that they keep the items for 60days then after that the baggage store buys them off the airport , is there anyway a Private buyer ( Individual ) , Can Buy them .. .? Like contacting the airport or is there an auction

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    goes to a store in Alabama

  • jonal
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    9 years ago

    Those auctions are not always open to the public, only to registered businesses who then sell the stuff on..

    They do a LOT of trade so buying small amounts of stuff would take too long. Thousands of items can go in a day.

    Enquire at your local airports or the council offices for local trade and commerce or whatever local departmental offices you have relevant to the situation..

    Maybe your area you can get lucky.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    As many other people said, it usually isn't open to the public, and most airports will work until the baggage is brought to the owner, so there aren't really much airports that do auctions.

  • 9 years ago

    The auctions are always done in large lots (a semi-truck full at a time) and sight unseen. The buyer does not know what will be included. Most of it goes to a huge warehouse in Scottsboro, Alabama where it is sold to the public, again often sight unseen. You buy the entire suitcase without knowing what is inside.

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