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Why does Webkinz keep loading like this?

The advertisements on the right of the screen are too far over, blocking the game. I can't see the right hand side when I play the arcade games (I'm a big fan of the solitaire ones) and I can't navigate through "my stuff."

I've tried logging out and in several times, exiting the browser, and restarting my computer. It's been doing this since afternoon yesterday.

I use the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox. My laptop is a brand new Sony VAIO.

I took a screen shot of it as well:

Thank you.

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    9 years ago
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    Probably because your computer is either slow or your Internet is not working very well... Consider refreshing both of 'em or cleaning both of 'em up...

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    For a few intent, It does not paintings on a dell both... It simply comes up with the golf green reveal and the webkinz emblem pronouncing it is going to load while it isn't. It works on our mac pc simply pleasant. Check your adobe flash participant.

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