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I'm lost. Need words of wisdom?

I sold my 6 figure income a year business in a large city because I was bored and tired of the rat race. I moved to a small town in the bible belt for a change of pace. It was good at first, but now I feel I'm just existing. The town has nothing to offer, either professionally or socially, and I'm doing mindless part time work. I like the activity/social and professional life the city has to offer, but like the quiet, peace and lack of traffic where I am. I can't find a job here where I can feel I'm using my talents, but hate the thought of city or even suburban life again. I'm also wondering if I did find fulfilling work if I would soon fall back into the bored rut again. I do have an adventurous spirit, but my body is lazy. I struggle with this everyday. Suggestions on what to do?

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    Does it necessarily have to be in the US? A manager at work recently left to go and work for Save the Children in somewhere gorgeously exotic. I didn't know her that well but i think it was PPNG or Tahiti.. Check out charities as they sometimes advertise corporate jobs x

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