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Do you think their will be snow?

I live in PA. and as everyone knows it is January and Febuary is suppose to be the month with the most snow, but this year we havent gotten any snow besides like flurries and it was only 2 days not on the same week. I just checked the weather and the highest tempature we have is 57 degrees and the low is like 36... do you think in febuaury we will get snow ?being that the weather is the way it is now being january and 56 outside

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    probably not

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    The sun still isn't bringing enough heat to keep it in the fifties up north here, so the extreme relative warmth of today is just an exception, "but": the forecasters this year, before winter, said that the Pacific Ocean conditions ( which are a large part of what determines our winter weather--depending upon how abnormally hot or cold , for example, the nearby Pacific is at the start of winter) were going to make it either a definitely harsh winter or a definitely mild one. They just weren't sure which one. Well obviously, we got the mild version for a change. I guess the other main factor, the direction and strength of the upper level winds, must be also in our favor--probably coming more from the West (or even southwest) than from the arctic North this winter.


    Also, for all areas usually snow covered most winters, but mostly "not" snow covered most days this winter: when that happens, the rays of the sun instead of being reflected back up by the shiny white snow and, get absorbed a lot by the darker, uncovered ground. that warms the ground which warms the air some all the time, and the more that happens, the more it's too warm to snow, and it becomes like sort of a warmth engine building more and more cold resistance. So, for the rest of this winter even though it cannot be absolutely guaranteed to continue with mildness and not much snow, still, that's probably what will happen: non snowy and quite mild in temperatures.

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    I live in Central/ Northern Ontario, Canada. It ill be -25 all day with the ... I'd think so because that's crazy. But then again the only thing that really effects the ability ...

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    You still have several months that is could snow.

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    Yes and it's spelled "there".

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    there won't be snow.

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