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How can i get more attention from my dad?

I have 2 sisters and they get loads of attention but if they go something well in school they get presents and i get told to do better! I dont get it what should i do?


I spend time with my dad and i do lots of things eg. karate(i'm black belt) music, art

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    Talk to him.

    Not the confrontational, emotional kind at the last minute.

    Tell him you and he need some alone time, not now, not here, set a dinner date somewhere you both like, and can talk (not overly loud or distracting).

    This actually works really, really good most of the time. It is a scenario dad's can relate too.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Practice your skills.

    Try and get into something that your interested in, but also know your dad likes, that'll bring his attention.

    Take it from there...

    Source(s): 2 younger brothers. 1 older brother. Middle child.
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    i don't necessarily have this problem with my dad, but perhaps try being more like your sisters. or hanging around them more when your father is around. (:

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    You should bond with him more, try to connect and talk. Tell him how you feel and ask him if he will.

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