Why aren't Asian men considered as attractive as other men?

I'm a biracial girl with no Asian decent but I absolutely find Asian men attractive. In fact, every race is attractive to me however Asian men are usually who I fall for the most. But why when people find out that I like them, they laugh or act disgusted? I know they often get labeled as not being as masculine and whatnot to most people but I never viewed them as that in my eyes. When I say asian, i mean all groups..japanese, chinese, korean, etc. Are there more girls out there that find their looks and personalities adorable as well? What is your ethnicity?

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  • 9 years ago
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    My best friend, who is white, is the same way. She loves Asians. I find Asians attractive as well, I am also white, but I don't have any racial preferences when it comes to guys.

  • 5 years ago

    Jog - Well, that depends on whos doing the study. It is not universal. If your in America, what you say is absolutely true. If your a decent looking chinese man living in china, it's a different story. Although some Chinese women prefer white men, the majority of them desire Chinese men because they feel a connection with guys of their own culture more than with a foreigner. Sure, some chinese women are all about dating an american because he has money, but many chinese women who are looking for a real relationship and not some sugar daddy, are not. In America, women may not be into asian men, but many gay and bisexual men are all about asian guys. And usually the more feminine the better. So, if your into men, you'll have no problem finding a date in america. If your into women, better to date asian women from asian because they haven't been americanized. Most of my asian guy friends who are american have taken vacation for asia to meet their dream woman because they know the truth of the matter about america and how asian men are viewed.

  • 9 years ago

    That is because the typical Asian man has a reputation for being sexist in their ways. Not to mention the fact that Confucianism has led to the subordination of women in Korea and the killings and abortions of baby girls in China.

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