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light brown spotting pregnant?

ok, so a few days a go i wore a tampon because i was late on my blob and didnt know when it will come, better to be safe then sorry lol. anyway there were like to pin pricks of brown blood/discharge on it after disposing of it, and havent had anything since then whic was like 4 days ago. im like 10 days late, boobs are pretty tender, had some tummy cramps not so much nemore, and am reli tired, all sighns of pmt.. buh is this my peiriod coming or am i pregnant, i have unprotected sex all the time with my boyfriend im really confused has anyone had this?

thanks for reading x

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    Yes there is a high chance you may be pregnant. Those are average early symptoms. Now is a good time to take a test to check for sure. Good luck!

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    There is a strong possibility that you may be pregnant, esp.since you have been having unprotected sex. All signs point to it. Take a test and find out. Hope this helps!

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    Unprotected sex= pregnancy chances

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    First off lemme say ur not supposed to wear tampons if ur not bleeding mamas. Its SOOOOOOO BAD for ur whooha! And it doubles ur risk of TSS as well. Neways...yes! U could VERY possibly b prego! Yay! Take a test it'll give u a reliable answer at this point! Good luck to u chika!

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    It could be either, no one can tell you for sure. Take a pregnancy test, that's the only way you are going to find out

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