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Getting stomach toned..someone please help!!!!?

Someone plz help me....i have been working out for about 3 weeks now...and im seeing no results...i dont know if my big belly is the water weight or the food...i follow the canada food cousin told me...hes a trainer...i want my stomach to be toned..what do i do????

I also asked his mom if i shud take toning pills for women...she said its better to do the natural way..she said if i continue to follow her sons plan, i wont need the pills....but how do i know i dont need them...i need something to give my body a push...can i do the pills plus following his natural plan??

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    Don't use the pills. Three weeks really isn't long in fitness terms. Keep exercising, eat less calories than your body burns, and you will be shedding the weight in no time. Expect to lose about 2 lbs a week.

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