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Is there any site like for this?

Okay, so I wanna earn some extra money online, preferably home-based, with flexible working hours.

Is there a site where I can post my skills, or what I can do, so others may see it and may inquire about it, then maybe have a deal? I only know, but it's kinda not working for me for some reasons.

I just want to earn extra money, because I'm 18 now, and I'd like to be independent somehow from my parents, but the thing is, I'm still studying.

Okay, just in case you need some background of my skills, and also my educational status, here's a REALLY brief resume:

I'm a sophomore student taking up Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology. I don't have any work experience yet, so don't expect much. I got good typing skills though, and I got above-average computer knowledge, basic computer troubleshooting including basic hardware diagnostics, basic software troubleshooting like Microsoft Office. I got good working attitude, able to adapt to fast-paced environment, and I'm able to meet deadlines, and can also work under pressure. I don't know much about programming yet, since my school isn't teaching that much when it comes to programming languages, just the basics. When it comes to sales talk, I am pretty good when it comes to persuading people/customers.

Again, it's not for a full time job, I just want to make some extra cash.


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    Sure. I have used odesk, elance and freelancer. I like odesk the best.

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    No. Just about all of those sites are scams and want upfront money from you. Almost everybody, myself included, would like a job working part time from home.

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