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What are some good Skateboard and Longboard companies in Canada to get stickers from?

I would love to get some stickers on my longboard, but most of the companies are located in the US, which means I would have to buy US stamps. Any good Canadian companies?

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    There are TONS of awesome longboard manufacturers in Canada. In fact, that's where some of the best boards are made. You can get some really cool stickers from Rayne longboards, Landyachtz longboards, and Fullbag to name some of the bigger companies that are good about giving out free stickers and swag. Just send them a self-addressed envelope and tell them you want to rep their company on your helmet and board.

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    5 years ago

    Theres no best, but here are some good ones. Earthwing Landyachtz Rayne Comet Bombsquad Fullbag GMR Jet Eastside Never Summer Gravity Longboard Larry Kebbek Jati Sector 9 (Downhill Division) Madrid

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    Canadian Longboard Companies

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