I told my best friend I like him more than a friend?

And now I feel so stupid. I spilled everything and poured my heart out, but he doesn't know if he like me as more than a friend. He also said that I shouldn't like him, basically saying I could do better than him. A lot of people thought for sure he would say he likes me too, but no. He said we were good friends, and shouldn't stop doing anything we do because of this. The problem is, what we do makes people think we're in a relationship [hanging out everyday, flirting, etc;]. That was the reason why I told him everything. Now I kind of need time to get over my feelings, but he thinks we can just keep going along as we have. Obviously I still wanna be good friends with him, it's better than nothing. What should I do?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    If you could live with the fact you will only be friends than i guess it is better than not bein friends. If you cannot live with that fact than i guess you should stop being friends or otherwise you will get hurt.

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