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How to confirm that my friend is also considering me as a Best Friend?

I am working in IT and I have made friendship with one girl and she had done good things to me and gave positive attitude + Motivation to grow in life whenever I am dull. But sometimes if she won't talk, I am worried and I am assuming negatively that she don;t like my actions (or) I have to change my attitude to make her to talk to me regularly. Oneday I told her that you are my best friend and also she told that she was very happy to hear the same. My Questions is how to find out that whether she also considering me as my best friend? (or) how to make her to like me more?

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    9 years ago

    Well, if she wants to be your best friend then you wouldn't have to change your attitude. You can tell if she wants to be your best friend by if she asks you to hang out or go shopping or something of that nature. Just keep talking to her!

  • 9 years ago

    well they blush if girls or call you BFF

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