I need help on a expirement!!!?

Ok so I am designing a expiriment for biology class. My oberservation i came up with is taking two paints (purple & red) and squirting them on a bath tub wall to see which falls to the floor first.

Question: which paint will fall to the floor first? I answered (my hypothesis) purple will fall first.

Now what i do not get is what the Independent variable, dependent variable & the controlled variable will be. If you could please tell me those things that would be great! Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your teacher approved this?

    Why don't you do the an experiment on how water is the only substance that expands upon freezing? It is a Biology class... Take four substances -- water, substance A, substance B, substance C. MAKE SURE THEY AREN'T WATER BASED. For example, I used canola oil, corn syrup, and pick a third one. Put them in graduated cylinders and put them over night in the freezer. Check on the, every half hour or so to record the measure.

    Because water has hydrogen bonding, it forms a crystal lattice that creates gaps in between the molecules, which is why it expands upon freezing. If your experiment goes well, the other will shrink because they are becoming more dense and the particles are closely packed together.

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  • 9 years ago

    Um. First off, you experiment may be flawed to start off with. Given that both paints have identical materials except in the colouring, the rate in which they fall would be identical. Any differences would be a source of human error.

    Indpendent: Colour of paint

    Dependent: Rate in which the paint will fall

    Control: depends exactly on you set up but essentially anything else you might want to keep the same (ie temperature of paint, wall tiles etc.)

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    4 years ago

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