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Difference between autism and mental retardation (no copy paste write in your own words get 10 points for free?

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    Mental Retardation is a IQ below the posted, i think 80. It is a slow process of the brain and allows comprehension to be severely impaired.

    Autism is a difference, good or bad, with a cognitive process. Autistic doesn't mean stupid, it just means that they learn differently and perhaps even better about some things. Savants have autism, some of them have perfect photographic memories. Others can play a song perfectly on three different instruments after hearing it once.

    Einstein was said to be retarded, he just couldn't do math and i believe had dyslexia so he couldn't read well. Yet today he is one of the most respected men ever.

    Source(s): I have Asperger's and am diagnosed Autistic. I have an IQ of 119 and am in a very challenging curriculum.
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    mental retardation is lower intellect/intelligence and it may also involve late development in terms of how the person matures. some mentally retarded people may act like children even if they're much older. autism however, doesn't really have anything to do with lower intelligence. in fact, autistic children/adults are highly intelligent. they just have a different way of dealing with things because they see the world in a way distinct from how non-autistic people see it.

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