How to get rid of an allergy cough when you don't know what's causing it?

My roommate and I have had this deep dry cough for 2 months. No other symptoms. Our sore throats went away with prescribed amoxicillan from the doctor, who said it must be an allergen in our environment. But none of our other 3 roommates experienced this. With amoxicillan, we also got wet coughs and got out the yellow mucus a long time ago. How can we safely get rid of this cough?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Try getting an air filter for your room, use sugarless lemon drops

    when you are awake, use a humidifier in your rooms or put a tea kettle on and

    let the steam fill the room. See if its just the dry air that is doing this to you not

    a particular allegen.

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