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*I feel so lonely at school (plz help!)?

we lived in a kinda big city! Two yrs ago we moved to a small town in which almost all local ppl know eachother.


I used to have kinda lots of friends at school, but schools & students here r weird.

The students here r friends from many yrs ago & they do not treat new students well & friendly. I went to that school about a yr & a half ago! & since then I haven't found a close friend. as I'm really boyish, the girls s\times dance with me, hug me, & appreciate it. Some days Some of them get kinda friendly with me, talk to me in a friendly way & etc.

But s\days or s\times they go in their friendship groups & tell eachother about their secrets, reletives, same(semi) friends, boyfriends, same fave singers, porn etc, or even nothing important & that's when I can't be in &\or feel left out & lonely! I also realized most of them go out with eachother, but they haven't asked me out yet & don't seem really keen to do that...


A yr after I went to that school, (this yr) some new students came to our class. But those students aren't really good & friendly toward these new students either. But the new students have come from one(the same) school & r friends.


Another prob is, as I'm so boyish, I can't talk feminine either. So when I go into girls' talks, I realize I can't talk about what they r talking about, & plus that, as they usu. Talk about things\ppl\places all of them know, I have nothing to talk about even when I want to go & talk !


I feel so lonely & have lost my confidence. What should I do?

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    Maybe you should make friends with some of the guys at your school. GUYS ARE THE BEST FRIENDS A GIRL CAN HAVE because you talk to them about lots of stuff in which they will not judge you about, and one you are close friend with a guy he is easy to talk to. Have a try and see how that works out for you.

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    Sara i experience for you,i began at 3 diverse faculties so know how not hardship-free that is to break the ice. that is hard, even with the indisputable fact that the longer you go away it and distance your self the added sturdy it will be lengthy time period. attempt to per chance connect a events team so that you get to spend sometime with people, or if thats no longer your ingredient per chance have a communicate with a instructor i'm particular they're going to reassure you and perchance supply someone on your classification a quiet be conscious to attempt to contain you is going to all come reliable sooner or later and also you'd be purely effective. If some thing you'll study from it, I always made the added attempt with new people in college after, and also at paintings. It makes you who you're to be sturdy, stand on your own 2 ft, be your self and smile :-) best of luck

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    I think you should ask them if they would like to go do something fun, if they don't want to screw them, make friends with the new kids they most likely are going thru the same thing. And one more thing. **** the people that are being negative to you in this site like the person before me it seems they don't know much! Good luck!

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    On the first days, its lonely. On the first months, you got a friend. On the first year, you got couple of friends.

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    Once you fix your spelling, I'm sure everyone will love you.

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