Is it normal for a guy to eat this much?

My fiance and I recently moved in together, and Im curious about his eating habits. For ex., we had a pack of oreos and a pack of sugar cookies, and in 2 days they were both gone, I had literally 2 cookies out of it. In addition, he eats 2-3x as much as I do for every meal. Is this normal for a normal sized guy?? Or is he overdoing being able to finally buy his own groceries? (we just graduated college, he was living with his parents)

Btw i know im kind of ranting because I wanted cereal this morning and lo and behold...its all gone because he eats nearly the entire box in one go D: so sad

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  • Ophira
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Guys love the biscuits- i lived with guys and they wouldn't stop eating all my stuff yet they didn't put on weight- it made me angry! The thing i they will eat it and be fine because they need 2500 calories a day purely to maintain there weight- then maybe he will eat less at other meals because he's filled up on the oreos and sugar cookies!!

    It might be that he actually has started eating more in which case he will put on the pounds. My advice to use is to both record your foods on a tracking device. The best one i found was and to be honest it will tell you if your eating more than your body needs-eventually the weight will pile on even if its in months if these eating habits continue as well as him eating big meals.

    Cereal is fine :)

    Source(s): own experience, interest in health and nutrition
  • Julia
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    men eat LOADS!

    my 21 year old nephew eats heaps.

    you need to tell him that if things are running low he needs to write it on a list, so you know what to restock.

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