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When a girl starts taking forever to text u back that pretti much means she's not into u anymore huh? ? ?

I went to see my supposed girlfriend today and we were kissin n **** but she told me some people had hit her up bout a party so I hit her up later and asked her if she went and she took like 40 min to hit sayin no but i know she did otherwise she woulda hit me back right away then I text her again seein if she wanted to come kick it wit me tmmrw and got no reply second time she's done this this week I just wanna know is **** over or am I overreacting?

We have been goin out every weekend for the past 3 months so I find it weird that after all this time it's just now that she is starting to take foreva to text back

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    there could be a number of reasons she isnt texting back fast, dont jump to conclusions

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