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Can't go further with pokemon soulsilver after 7th badge ...?

I already got seven badges and defeated team rocket in there secret hideout in mahogany town and already fought with the shiny garados . But I looked on the internet and it says that I now need to defeatd team rocket in the radio tower but team rocket isn't there ... Only a couple grunts are standing outside of the radio tower . I also looked up that u need a phone call from proffersor elm about a weird broadcast but i didnt get that either . And if i wanna call im its about poké eggs all the time ! PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE !!!!!!

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    If you've already caught Red Gyarados and defeated Team Rocket in Mahogany Town, what you do next is this:

    1). Fly to Goldenrod and go into the underground tunnel.

    2). Somewhere in the tunnel, there is a rocket grunt who will ask if you want to join with Team rocket. Say yes and he will give you a rocket outfit that you can use to sneak into the Radio Tower.

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    They are in the Lake of Rage

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