Labrynthitis? Or Inner Ear Dizziness?

Okay so when I sleep on my left or right ear... Let's just say I slept on my left ear for the whole night, and I wake up and I get up slowly, and then I get really dizzy! It feels like I'm on a marry-go-round non stop.. Most of the times, when I'm in a car and I'm the passenger and I get dizzy while we are moving... What do I have exactly? Is their a cure? I really want this to go! :(

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  • sandie
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    9 years ago
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    minere's is hard to cure. so hope you don't have it. just a transient dizziness. motion sickness, does it go away when you close your eyes?

  • 5 years ago

    Are you Right handed ? Do you talk on mobile phones every day ? If the answer is yes, then you may need to check the possibility of a brain tumour over the right Ear. This could be causing internal pressures around the ear canal. Unfortunately this is becoming more comon mainly in the 30's agegroup. I think this is due to 20'yr olds being the first users, and 10 years of exposure seems to have an effect. Other symptoms are headaches and mild dizzyness - but all these could simply be from a standard ear infection. Best get it checked out and a deffinate answer - not just fobbed off.

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