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what should i do now i am stuck?

we were 5 friends but we all didn't like 1 because she always used to take control and other things and then we all started to ***** about her and she left the group and blamed it on me that i took her friends away and then after his all stuff me and my other friends ***** about my bff and i was bitching as well so did the other 2 and one day my 2 friends went up and told every1 that i bitched about other ppl so did they but the thing is that they blamed it all on me and now my friends and the other are friends now and i am not in the group anymore even tho they bitched as well not just me i even admitted that i did ***** but they dont admit any thing and i am with my other friends i think they hate me now what would you do if you were in the same situation as me?

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    learn how to keep your mouth shut

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