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Can I keep fancy guppies in my 5 gallion heated filtered tank or just reg. ones? Thanks?

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    You could possibly keep two male Guppies in that tank (doesn't matter if they are "Fancy" or "regular"), but I wouldn't. A 5 gallon is really too small for more than 1 fish, and Guppies school. It would be much better to keep 4 or 5 males in a 10 gallon. A 5 gallon is best suited for a Betta, a few shrimp, or maybe a couple of snails. Possibly an ADF.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well, it depends on the tank size and the amount of filtration. The one inch per gallon rule is a load of rubbish. According to the one inch per gallon rule, I could have a 20" fish in a 20 gallon tank? That's a load of rubbish. Size doesn't matter; it's the bioload you need to consider. And because the bioload of guppies is so large for their size, I'd say you'd need to have a filter rated for 20 gallons on that tank. And make sure they're all males, unless you want to deal with hundreds of fry. If you do end up with fry, make sure you have somewhere for them to go. Feed them to larger cichlids, or sell them.

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  • siwani
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    Fancy guppies have long flowing fins only like your betta and this might set off his aggression, even the known ones nonetheless have those extraordinary colours. If I have been you, i might only get a snail or some ghost shrimp. there's no longer plenty you could upload to slightly 5 gallon without overcrowding it.

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    you should be able too but dont make them crowded an general rule is 1 in per gallon but if they look ok then they probably r

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