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is this weird and what should I do?

I have put this in the marriage section because of the extent of the relationship I have had with this individual.

Anyway, I have been living with my x boyfriend now for a while in order to help each other out financially. I actually live with him in his house and give him money for rent.

Anyway, he has been unable to find and keep a job and has therefore been having all kinds of financial problems. It actually turns out that he has a disability that makes it difficult for him to keep a job. He is applying for SSI but in the meantime he is struggling and even though I would very much like to get my own place I feel sorry for him and have been staying around to help him out but it is getting really frustrating to deal with.

Anyway, he has gotten some financial help from his dad (who he is not very close with at all) and he has contacted his father again in the hopes of getting more financial help. His father is quiite strange and has really been the main cause of my x boyfriends emotional problems (he emotionally abused the whole family growing up).

A few months back the father was trying to contact my x boyfriend and was unable to do so so instead he emailed me in the hopes of contacting him. I politely responded back to him..but now once again, my xboyfriends father is trying to contact me..I got an email saying that he wants to talk to me. This is obviously in response to my x boyfriend contacting him regarding his continued financial situation.

My questions are...

Is it just me or is it kind of strange that my x boyfriends dad is trying to contact me about his sons problems? I can not imagine what other reasons he would have for trying to contact me at this point.

Would you bother contacting him back if you were me? I don't really like him and would rather not talk to him but at the same time I would like to be polite.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    seen it before!! Hes trying to get you to be his little girl on the side for money to help his son. Get it?? Dont reply.. Delete everything he sent except anything that you can use to show incriminating evidence.. This guys a jerk.. You already probably figured that out.. Dont...! Avoid...! Please..

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    you are dealing with an individual that DOESNOT want to work.HE IS ABLE TO WORK<however his dad and others like YOU have always bailed him out and he knows someone will.I would move out TODAY, this morning and find a new place to live.

    Does your b/f have a game console?

    does your b/f have a flat screen tv?

    does your boyfriend have enough money each month to buy a GAME ?

    does your boyfriend spend alot of time PLAYING these games????

    This is why your boyfriend cant keep a job and is NOT financially responsible.Trying to get on SSI is not going to help YOU any

    Here is the basis I speak of that HE CAN WORK and keep a job.

    1) he is lazy

    2) he spends money on worthless items, yet never hasmoney to pay bills

    I have a mentally retarded friend who sits in a wheel chair.She has limited use of her hands.She cant walk at all,yet she has a FULL time job at a factory assembling items.I know if this person can work and help support herself, your lazy *** boyfriend can also.he has simply had DADDY to bail him out all these years and expects it time and time again.The worst thing you can do is get daddy in touch with son.HE NEEDS TO GROW UP.If your sleeping with this loser I wouLD STOP NOW..IF you get pregnant you DO KNOW who is going to have to support this child , RIGHT?????????YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Assuming that you have made it clear to the father that you and his son are no longer an item, then anything they have to discuss about the son's financial situation really, is nothing to do with you. That must surely be between him and his father.

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    Stay out of it. Reply to his dad and say that if he wants to talk about his son he should speak to him and that you are not getting involved in this.

    At this point I think you need to find your own place. You two are no longer together so you don't have to feel obligated to stay to help him out. If you do then you are going to be dragged into his family drama.

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Tell your flat mate that his dad is wanting to meet you about stuff

    But in response to his dad tell him you are now only a lodger and the personal stuff went when he became your ex

    If he wants to to he can say all in email to you.

    Remember this man damaged your ex and family do.r get involve just help out your now mate but don't get involved in the rest of it.

  • 9 years ago

    This father is a total loser but he must really care about his son. Nevertheless, the fact that he is your EX should be enough said.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    u do not need ANYTHING u do not like in this life. if u do not want to contact your x bf´s father - just don´t, because u do not need to

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