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Can somebody help me find an idea for my physics project?

We are doing an egg drop project in my physics class. Here are the guidelines for it: In my Physics class we have to be able to drop the "vehicle" we design from my teacher's height standing, on her desk, then out the window on the 2nd floor, and finally out the window on the 3rd floor. The device must be less than one cubic foot. (no larger than 1 foot by 1 foot, by 1 foot). The egg must be easily removed for inspection for cracks (no retaping). The device can't be filled with a material (no tissue boxes filled with cotton balls, no egg in a jar of peanut butter, etc.

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    If the device cannot be filled with anything you'll have to think about suspending the egg on rubber band shock absorbers.

    For example .. use a sturdy cardboard box close to max. size allowed .. glue the box closed-up and remove side panels for access and inspection (you'll be left with the 'frame' of a cube)

    Attach rubber bands securely to egg (eggs are remarkable strong in compression) with 4 rubber lengths that will be anchored at each corner of the box (small hole to pass rubber bands through .. hold in place with short length of stick)

    The idea is to get the egg suspended at the centre of the available space to give the max. room for vibration to occur. The bands will have to be 'stiff' enough to prevent the egg vibrating too far .. trial and error with bands in series / parallel to get the stiffness right.(how many eggs are you allowed for trials !!)

    Have fun ..

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