in which type of motherboard and processor i can install 64-bit operating systems?

x86 based PC, Asus p5n73-am motherboard ,Intel dual core 2 duo, E7400 2.80ghz ram available only 500mb free memory..and virtual memory free space is 1.96gb.

i want to increase ram ...because i have No.of multimedia software's in use to access those software's how much i should increase my ram and graphics...can i install 64 bit os in this configuration ..and how much can i increase my ram size..!


320gb hard disk left 40gb space my bro uses adobe software's being an 3d animator and web designer...!

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  • 9 years ago
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    you surely can:) All core2duo's have FULL support for 64 bit operating systems:)

    btw, i suggest u add another 2GB's first and check....should give a significant boost.

    The problem with your current 32bit OS is that it will only support ~3.5 GB of ram, even though you have 4gb or more physically installed. To make use of more than 4GB ram, you need a 64bit OS. However, for this you will have to reinstall your windows, with the 64 bit edition version.

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