Annulment for a separation?

I have filled for an annulment for a separation with my wife in India. What will happen if I will lose the annulment case? Will the court force me to stay with my wife?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Dear Buddy,

    It is better to continue your life with the wife. If that is not happening, do not have to worry. Out of court settlement and followed by divorce with mutual consent would be the fastest process. Though it is well said that Justice Delayed is Justice Denied and this is poorly practiced in India.

    The process has to be at the Lower Court / Family Court, District Court, High Court and some times chances are there for you to approach the Supreme Court as well. Ofcourse, no Court can compel you but they can advise you. It is upto you to accept or reject. Hence, it is better to go in for the mutual for speedy disposal of the case.

    Warm Regards & May God Bless

    G Senthil Iyappan

  • 9 years ago

    no. You will have to go through the whole divorce process, filing a complaint, etc.

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