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Is it wrong to go out with a guy who's already dated your best friend ?

This guy has been chasing me for years and I kept telling him that I don't want want to go out with him. I made it clear that we are friends and that's all I want him to be to me. Since the end of last year, I found out that he's now dating my best friend, but every time I'm near them both when they're together, he gets really awkward and always asks me about my current boyfriend.

We were at a party a couple of days ago (my best friend couldn't come) but he was there and he started saying that he always plays the 'what if' game with himself, wondering how things could have turned out. He then started talking about how he always tried to make friends with his exes and what not.

He started hinting that he still liked me but quickly changed the subject before I could question him about it. But he did say 'time changes everything' after I mentioned that I did actually like him that whole time. (still kinda do)

When I got home I was upset about how everything had turned out; I had the opportunity to go out with a decent guy that I liked but turned him down so many times that he got with my best friend and I have a long distance boyfriend that I don't really like as much any more but am too afraid to break it off with him.

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    You will lose your friendship with your best friend if you go out with him. You probably only have feelings for him right now because he's not available (if he's still going out with your BF). Anyway, rule of thumb is that you don't date one of your friend's current BF or Ex. I'm not sure how old you are, but guys will come & go so it's not worth it to lose a friend over a guy you aren't going to spend years or the rest of your life with,

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