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How can I stop nightly food cravings?

I'm trying to eat healthier, and I do well during the day, but when 8 or 9 pm rolls around, I feel like I get so hungry and I want to eat so many things. I eat breakfast around 7, have a snack at 10, each lunch around 1, have another small snack around 3 and then eat dinner around 5 or 6. What can I do to stop these cravings, or at least get them under control?

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  • Mike A
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    This is coming from a bonafide "celebratory eater". Food cravings are somthing that originated as a survival mechanisim. It's been short-circuted by our indulgent lifestyles and has been the ruin of many since then. But I have a bit of advice, based on my own experiences. And this is coming from someone who lost 50 lbs without a diet.

    One of the things I had a problem with is food cravings. Namely, greasy foods. What I found, that actually satisfies that craving, is a vitamin E capsule, along with an Omega 3 gel and some fiber pills. You are not restricting the intake of anything, but just giving the body the basics of what it needs in the stage of digestion it is in at that point in the night.

    If you find yourself craving sweets, add a children's gummy vitamin or some spirunina supplement. And if it's a crunchy food you want, try sneaking a bagged salad in there. It's just as crunchy as a bag of chips, and heck, you could eat the whole thing and not feel bad.

    One last option: buy some chia seed from a health food store. One tablespoon, soak in a cup of water for 15 minutes. Gulp down the resulting gel. You will be full and well-nourished.

    And that's the best advice I can give.

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    Hey, how about trying to eat a little later in the evening? If you have a big enough lunch then you shouldn't need a snack until at least 4 o'clock. Then try eating dinner at 7 ish and this might work.

    I hope that helped.




  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Let me tell you what works for me....because I get these cravings also......a bowl of fruity pebbles with skim mil.....I love fruity pebbles and it satisfies my taste for sugar

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