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why are people happy 1 minute and sad the next?

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    Emotions are brought to us from our subconscious based solely on our thoughts. This means if you are experiencing overall emotions you don't like, you are focusing your thoughts on that which you don't like. If I'm thinking about the things I'm grateful for I feel good. If I'm thinking about all the things I lack, I feel bad. Whatever you’re feeling is a direct result of your thought. Reflect on your thoughts after you experience an emotion and you will be able to verify what I have said. The thought pattern you have had in the past determined your overall feelings now and whatever thought patterns you have now will determine your overall feelings in the future.

    We also create our realities in a much more tangible way with thought as well. Our subconscious mind is designed to create our reality based on our thoughts. It causes us to do things that lead us to our beliefs (which are based on our predominant thoughts). If we believe most people are nice, we will subconsciously do things to not only witness examples of that reality but also to draw more nice people into our lives. If you fail to direct your thoughts they default to input, which is simply your thought reaction to circumstances and experiences, and often a reality created from that can be unwanted.

    So if your current reality is not one you enjoy, then you need to direct your thoughts in a way that will bring about one you will. This requires a little work and needs to be done daily. The trick is to fool your subconscious into believing that you think a certain way so that it will go to work to make it true for you. There are many methods to do this like affirmations, visualization, creativity (writing, painting, etc.), and so on. The one that will work best for you depends on your learning style so a good understanding of how the subconscious takes in information will help you determine the best method for you.

    Your subconscious has no bias so it doesn’t care whether you like something or not. If you’re thinking about it with emotion it will create that reality. It takes in the images coupled with the emotions you give it and goes to work. Words have pictures associated with them but one won’t cancel out another. They must also be used in the present tense so you wouldn’t say, “I’m no longer going to be unhappy” because “no longer” won’t cancel out “unhappy” plus it is in future tense. So you would instead say, “I become a little happier everyday”. The emotions you attach to the pictures have to be experienced. This means that when you are focusing your thoughts on your desired reality, you must experience the emotions as if it were your current reality. This is similar to what good actors/actresses do when they get into character. The better you get at this, the better the result.

    In addition to your consciously directed thoughts, you may want to change your input as well to one that is congruent with the reality you want to create. Reading or watching inspirational material is a great way to do this, as is reading about people who have mastered a reality you would like to emulate.

    Your brain literally rewires its neural net in ninety days but you will probably start noticing changes in a little over a month. Your subconscious will then start drawing you to your desired reality but you will actually start experiencing the emotions of it first.

    When you don’t understand how the mind works, life can be a constant source of frustration. I know, because I have experienced pain in the past as a result of my own thinking and had no clue that I was causing it. It was only as a result of that pain that I was able to get to a place humble enough to search for answers outside of my own logic. This eventually led me to the information I have just passed along, that you might begin to create your desired reality. When your mind works for you instead of against you, amazing things happen. For me, this has not only been the key to happiness but the key to life. When we try to back away from something, we usually trip ourselves up but when we move toward something, we usually end up exactly where we want to go. I wish you well and I hope that you end up exactly where you want to be.

    Living life loving.

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    Oh, no. That is called having an emotional swing. When I thought about it. Emotions, are full of ups and downs. It doesn't necessarily mean that one battles with depression, or has symptoms of being bipolar. I think being emotional is healthy, it is when we ignore these feelings we begin to have problems. People regardless of gender have mood swings. And sometimes it just means that we are having a crappy day. I'm sure anyone can relate to that. That's life though.

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    people wake up from sleep in 1 minute

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    Not everyone is like that,

    They are likely to be bipolar or have manic depression,

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    human nature.

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    Its called manic depression. Look into it.

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    because they can't control their moods.

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    they are not, not unless they have bipolar

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