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Where can one get a lycra hoodie for men?

I've seen some fairly body-tight lycra pieces on cyclists which, unlike most lycra stuff, have hoods - presumably for keeping one's head warm as well.

But I've been unable to locate anything like that on the internet bar a few dancing-clothes which are sleeveless and don't cover much of the body.

Ideally I'd want it in plain black, or at least without a brand name, but mostly I'm trying to find somewhere that sells them at all (preferably in the UK).

Does anyone know where I might get one of these?

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    A cyclist would not be wearing a hood, it would block peripheral vision. What you saw was probably a balaclava which fits closer to the head than a hood. The only lycra garment I have seen with a hood is the type worn by speedskaters, but those are full body suits

  • 9 years ago

    Cyclists often wear balaclavas in cold weather. They are a separate piece of clothing.

    If you're really set on a one piece item, try looking at vendors catering to speedskaters. Or spidermen.

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