Can somebody please help!!! Girls please?

Ive been like best friends with this chick since 5 months and We were really close we would hug all the time and she would put her head on my shoulder or her legs on mine and like a month ago I told her I liked her she was all cool about it than that night she wanted to FaceTime me and we did than she was talking about if I died she wouldn't know what to do and her I pod died and she sent a text saying " and I open my eyes and u were gone and I started crying because I was thinking that u died :'( " I told her I would never leave her no matter what than this carried on till about new years she came with me and my friends to see the fireworks and she was laying on me and she used my deo to get high next thing I know she was hugging me wispering stuff into my ear and holding my hand and she said she could only remember little bits and she remembers holding my hand because she wasn't do high anymore the next three days we were texting non stop than on Facebook she changed her relationship status to married with her ex and she just stopped talking to me than she started to hang out with my guy bestfriend and said she doesn't know how she feels about me but I felt like I had been replaced by my friend and I was super pissed off we all ended up watching a movie and she jumped on my back and she turned me around and hugged me but she was shaking WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????

Than after we weren't talking and she had a fight with my friend and than started messaging me saying "we haven't talked much lately </3" and than she was like "I missed you :'(" I wasn't sure if she was telling the truth so I played along than aus day came around and she went to my friends house and we were sitting pretty far away and I caught her looking at me a few times and she caught me aswell and at one point she was looking at me and I looked at her and she zoned out and I took her a few sec to relise and I smiled and she smiled back now she's being all lovey with this guy is she playing with me?

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  • 9 years ago
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    not necessarily she may just think of you as her BEST friend and you obviously are very special to her this does not mean she is playing with you. She also may be confused and not sure of her emotions she may be going through a rough time, just keep speaking to her, see how it all goes? she might like you and be trying to hide it you never know, girls can be very strange sometimes Id know, being one :) xxxx

  • 9 years ago

    she sounds liek shes bi-curious shes not really into girls shes just confused. she thinks its a game and she doesnt care that shes hurting you. forget a relationship let her date a dude adn tell ehr u only want to be friends and hope for the best maybe your friendship will go back to normal

  • 9 years ago

    No i think that when she dosent get her chance with the other guy, you are her backup!

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