how to tell if my mine craft server is available to others?

i made a minecraft classic server and it works for me but how do i know if others can use it?

please respond soon.

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  • Chris
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    9 years ago
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    Ask someone you know or us on Y! To Test it by logging in.

    ► Create A Proper Minecraft Server ◄ (Without Crappy Hamachi)

    ► Port Forwarding:

    You Have to get the Make off the router & Model number then Google them..

    Example: Netgear Wgr5643 minecraft port forwarding tutorial.

    You need to figure out how to:

    1) Gain access to the Router's Configuration By entering the Router IP..

    Into Your Web Browser's Address Bar, Then you need to Login Using..

    The Username & Password That should be on the Bottom of the Router.


    2) Locate Your Internal IP Address As thats the IP You Use To Port Forward.


    3) Port Forward To Ports:

    Starting port: 25565

    Ending port: 25565

    4) Give the IP Found here to Anyone you want to Join ->

    ( You Connect Using.. LocalHost - If on same Computer )

    ► Add Firewall Exceptions:

    A Firewall exception is allowing an application past your Computer's Firewall.

    There is a Built in Windows Firewall but alot of anti-viruses have their own.

    Windows Firewall Tutorial ->

    If You dont use Windows Firewall You need to figure out how to add a exception..

    For which ever Anti-Virus/Firewall you do have. Some Good ones below:

    ESET ->

    Kaspersky ->

    Norton ->

    You need to add Firewall Exceptions for These three application's.

    1) Javaw.exe (Location: C:\Program Files (86)\Java\JRE6\bin)

    2) Minecraft.exe (Game Executable - Location: Wherever you put it)

    2) Minecraft_Server.exe (Server Executable - Location: Wherever you put it)

    Hope it helps :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Get somebody to test if they can login to it??

    It will not work unless you port forward the port 25565 TCP/UDP in your router settings, also your Internet security program's firewall is most probably blocking people from connecting, so you will either have to turn off the firewall, or make a rule that the people you want to connect (your friends?) can connect by allowing their IP address to access your PC through port 25565.

    Hope this helps,


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