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Friendship help!!! Anyone!?

I have an ex-Bff. We argued about something(although none of us remember what) and so we don't talk to each other. At all. A couple weeks ago, because I felt like we would both be comfortable enough to talk to each other without her insulting me to my face, I sent her an email that read:

"I think that you and I are both ready to start talking again. That's how I feel. Would you agree?

P.S. I would really appreciate it if you would unblock me from Gmail and Facebook."

Her response was:

"Don't demand me like that. What I do with my accounts is MY choice. You have no authority to demand that I unblock you."

So I replied:

"I did not mean to question your authority, nor did I intend to demand you. However, if you would not unblock me, would you be so kind as to explain to me why you did as you did?"

Her reply:

"I just don't feel comfortable talking to you. Don't stalk me like this. Are you x? Would you like to look up the phsychological reasons to why a human mind thinks or feels something?

I do not wanna talk to you again. Let's just leave it here."

If she had given me this rudeness only shortly after our argument, I would have understood. However, I had apologized(whereas she has never apologized to me, ever) and months have past. It's been almost half a year. Can't she be at least mature enough to let it go?

I have forgiven her, and while my heart is open to her, she attacks me and leaves deep scars. I just hate the fact that because she is popular, most girls side with her, even though she is the one at fault. Most guys don't care, either. I am seriously considering transferring schools because this girl has made life so miserable for me. I do not want to talk to any teacher or parent about this.

What should I do? Please help! P.S. I am in 7th grade, if that makes a difference.

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    there is this saying, if you love something let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be if it doesn't it was not meant to be. I believe if she or he wants to be alone, let them, make some new friends, if they are giving you hell at school you MUST go to your parents I am not saying go to a teacher because I wouldn't want to do that either, I don't go to teachers, but if you let someone know what is happening they could support you, you won't be alone and if it does escalate you then have someone to support you in making the right choices. Obviously you are more mature than this girl as shown in apologizing, but your best bet is to let her get on with it, just know you are a better person than her if she can't apologize. Don't go saying that to her though, as that will just cause more arguments, Hope it all gets better though :) another thing I do is, Go to the school library, it's a lot nicer, and at lunch time go to where you can work, and do work that you need to do e.g. homework or school work you are behind in. It is very therapeutic!!! However DO NOT BE RUDE it only makes you as bad as her! :) best wishes :) xxxx

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    If you cant remember why your fighting then u should be friends its like eating and not knowing what your eating , but to get her back do kind acts for her and walk away example if your playing basketball always pass the ball to her , if she asks someone (not you) for money , walk past her put the cash in her hand and walk away . Keep doing this and she will soon realise her mistake

    best of luck

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    if you dont remeber what it was about then it proberbly wasnt that inportant however you have made the effort to try and be her friend even apolazed an if thats how she is going to be then your repley to her last message should be

    i have said sorry have tried to be you friend you your just being a ***** so **** YOU have a nice life

    then dont reply to any messages she saids you and if she tries to talk to you in the street pay no attention to her trust me it will effect her alot more than she may let on

    YOU can do so much better dont waste your time with her x

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    Move on... Its too bad you don't remember what you argued about, which you do. Really though if she doesn't wish to be friends well then don't be friends.

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