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Who elese thinks They should pick the All Star teams in like 2 weeks advanced, because......?

I think that they should pick teams 2 weeks before the all star game, then those of us that are not anywhere near their could have their all star jersey of the player we choose.....if we wanted a All star jersey and had to order it online after the picks on tv, we would order it but by the time the order is placed its mid day friday then they would have 2 customize it, then thats saturday then gets in the mail saturday night, then no mail on sunday so we would not get it till monday or by thursday.....

so they are loseing alot of money by doing the team pick 3 whole days before the game and with no mail delivery on sundays, its a waste and all you could do was keep it as a collector and not get 2 wear it the day of the game.......that is ANNOYING!!!\

I wanted to get a Jason Pomminville jersey but i wanted 2 wear it today all day and during the game!!!


The NHL site says that the jersey would leave the warehouse in 4-5 Bus. days.......thats so stupid!!!

Update 2:

Rooker----even if I had ordered both color jerseys, then it still would not be here intime for the game!

they say its for the fans but yet the only fans that are getting treated good when it comes to All Star Merchindise is the fans in Ottawa right now 4 the game and events! its not right!

Update 3:

BTW the NHL would not allow you to put any name on those All star jerseys till after the teams where made, even the box where you can type in the name you want would not let you put in the names! or team logo 4 the sholder.

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    You should have ordered 1 of each of the jerseys then just sent 1 of them back. You do make a great point though.

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    Get a life people. Sitting around your family room wearing a Joe Smizzlefitz All Star jersey cheering for a fantasy team in a game that means f' all. The all star game used to be for injured players in a time when players weren't multi rich. Today it is a marketing ploy to get even more of your money out of your pocket and into theirs.

    On Sportsnet yesterday they were broadcasting from the frozen ditch with no less than 10 experts and pundits talking about a game that means nothing and that they aren't even airing. "Beam me up Scottie there's no intelligent life down here."

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    9 years ago

    not two weeks but maybe about 5 days

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