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Which NHL team should I root for?

Hello I'm new to the NHL and I can't decide between suporting one of the following teams:

- Chicago Blackhawks;

- Detroit Red Wings,

- Pittsburgh Penguins,

- Washington Capitals, I was on their game vs ducks when I was in D.C. last November,

- Montreal Canadiens,

- LA Kings, Kopi is from my country and he plays here,

- Vancouver Canucks,

I'd like to support a team that has passionate fans, I don't have any teams close, because I love in Europe. I would also like to support a team that make playoffs and that had won any Stamley cup. Please suggest me which team should I support from the things I want for team to have. Thanks for help.

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    Don't listen to that guy named Miller, he is constantly throwing hate at the Capitals. Anyways I'm a Caps fan and we're a good team. Right now we're like 8th in our conference (point-wise) and 1st in our division. So we're not doing too bad, but the thing is we're much better than we are playing this year. We are fun to watch because we are a very offensive team so watching our games is almost always exciting.

    As far as passionate fans many people say all the Canadian teams have the best fans and to a degree that's correct but I'll just leave it at this: we have one of the best best home records in the league and play in one of the loudest rinks, so I'd say we have passionate fans.

    We haven't won a Stanley Cup yet but we are just bidding our time, next year is looking good for us. We have a large amount of European players too if that interests you.

    Also I wouldn't recommend following Kings or any time on the West coast since watching their games would be too hard.

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    There are lots of teams in Europe that you can cheer for.

    Deutsche Eishockey Liga is a German League.

    Czech Extraliga is a Czech League.

    Both are good leagues below NHL standards.

    You could join the bandwagon with the Montreal Canadians because they have the most cups, but they are doing not so well now.

    I suggest LA Kings because it represents your country.

    Washington Capitals is another that you spent time with.

    The have no connection start with Kings or Capitals.

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    Watch more games and you will just start to care for one team more than the others. I also live in Europe. It's not enough to cheer for a team because of 2 or 3 good players there because you never know if they might change teams or get injured and not being able to play like Crosby for example. Max Talbot, my fav player just changed to Flyers, our big rivalry team, but I'm not going to change teams because of that. I root for Penguins not just Max. So I would eliminate Kings for you. Also eliminate Caps if you want your team to have won the cup before because they haven't.

    I cheer for Penguins myself, but I'm not telling you to do so. There is no hurry, just make a good pick. It's not so cool to always changing your favorite team. My brother for example began cheering for Bruins last summer when they won the cup but when the season began again he changed over to Caps and now because they weren't doing so good decided to do like me and become a Penguin. Haha.

    Also if you have some friends who watch NHL ask them which team they root for. Watching games together will be a lot more fun if you root for the same team. Try to avoid rooting for their rivalry team.

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    Montreal Canadians, Their kind like Europeans. They do soccer chants during the game, boo there team when they don't win, the female fans wear sexy clothing to the games even when it's -20 outside, they smoke allot and eat french fries with cheese and gravy on them.

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    You should go for the Kings. They haven't won a cup yet but in the future they will. Ante Kopitar is also representing your country too.

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    What team out of the 30 NHL teams has the most players you enjoy watching? I live near DC but my team is the Buffalo Sabres because Ryan Miller is my favorate player/Idol and they are more exciting then the team near me (the caps) plus i have Ovechkin and semin they are full of them selfs and rich jerks, i met them.....

    Source(s): you have 2 think long and hard about this and deside for yourself, of course the fans of their team is going 2 tell you 2 choose their team....but you have to choose!
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    Detroit or Chicago since they're an Original Six... Montreal is too, but I honestly can't stand their fan base.

  • I think you should cheer for the Kings, they are an exciting team.

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