What's the best game making software?

I want to create a 2D platformer. The only programming language I know is Java.

I'm considering Game Maker, Multimedia Fusion 2 and Scirra. I'm sure there are more, too. What do you suppose is best? And what are the pros and cons of each program?

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    9 years ago
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    C++, Java and C# are all ultimately derived from C syntax but with Object Oriented Programming. So once you know one of these languages you have most of the concepts that you need.

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    If you want to create video games then you use a search engine like Google to find many free tutorials, forums, and etc. for creating video games

    Free game programming software


    You can try out Game Maker which is a popular free program for creating mostly 2D video games:


    Darkbasic is a programming language designed for creating 2D or 3D video games

    FPS Creator is a good program for creating FPS games

    This website has free versions of DarkBASIC Professional and FPS Creator that you can try out


    You can also use Java for creating video games but I believe that it would be much harder and complicated for somone to try to create video games with the Java programming language

    Programs like DarkBasic and Game Maker were actually designed for creating video games and there are also plenty of tutorials, forums, videos, books and etc. that would show you how to create a good 2D video game

    There are many free tutorials, forums and etc. for learning how to create video games

    Gamemaker tutorial


    How create video games


    There are many online forums for game and computer programming. You can ask them for any advice and information.

    Darkbasic forum


    YouTube also has a whole bunch of tutorials for game programming and examples of video games created with DarkBasic and etc.:



    You can also go to your local library or store or an online store like www.amazon.com to find a whole bunch of good books, DVDs, programs and etc. for game programming:

    Here are various books on how to create video games with the Game Maker program


    Books, videos and etc. for learning DarkBasic game programming


    Introduction to Game Programming...sometimes it would be better to get a good book for game programming because it would show step by step on how to produce a good video game and some of these books include a free or trial program like BlitzBasic or Blitz3d which would allow you to create some simple 2D or 3D video games


    Good luck and I hope this will help

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