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what can help make me grow taller?

what foods and drink can help me grow height?:( plz i rlly wanna gain height bcuz im 16 years old and am 171 cm. heelp:(

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    if you are a girl it is too late

    if you are a boy then fat is the thing that makes people grow taller - cf Japan after WW2, the next generation of kids were taller because of the increase of fat in their diet (they already ate lots of protein with fish). True. But don't eat sugar or lots of flour products otherwise you will get chubby.

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    well taller people are usually the people who have had the right lifestyle, that they are healthy and have had the right health to grow faster. what you need to be healthy is a healthy lifestyle... obviously. you need to get lots of sleep... because that is when you grow so make sure that you get 8-10 hours at least. just a balanced diet will make you get the right nutrients etc to grow to the full extent.

    the more likely story though, sorry to tell you, is that shortness is in your genes and you cant change it

    but it has been proven that well nourished people tend to be taller that un healthy people.

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