breaking a lease in michigan?

Im pretty sure i am stuck in this lease, but im hoping there is some way for me to get out or make this living situation easier on me. I had to move in quickly without really knowing my roommate in order to avoid being homeless.

Anyway, he seemed fine at first, but 2 months in- ive caught him eating my food and recently caught him in my room.

He is not the landlord, he rents the house and i rent a room from him. Im unsure what to do- i guess i can put locks on everything, but i dont feel like i should have to come out of pocket to have a lock on my door.. He also has ADHD and PTSD chain smokes pot and makes me quite uncomfortable and i generally feel unsafe.

Is there anything i can do...


it was sort of my last resort... its a long personal story, but im not stupid with ure life 101 crap.. I was moving out of state and i didnt have money to stay at a hotel without losing money for rent. I was 10 hours away from home and no where to go... Without getting into more personal details.. i simply asked for advice, not for everyone to state the obvious. . Im at a loss here and i know it. Its so annoying when you ask a question and ppl tell you something you've already stated. WTF is the point. And no i never did rent before- not like this.. it was always with someone i knew or from a family i knew. Im also sure that if your well being is threatened, there is some way around that. I will ask the proper people when it isnt 5 in the morning on a sunday. I was just hoping for some ideas in the meantime.

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  • 9 years ago
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    He is your landlord. If you put a lock on the door you have to give him a key.

    If your well being is threatened you have to prove that in court, when you sue for breach of contract. If he enters your room illegally you will need police reports and a police witness if he denies it, you saying he was there does not make it so.

  • 9 years ago

    Being in Michigan doesn't make a difference. Like the last poster said, how the person makes you feel regardless of their own issues is your own issue. Nothing smart about not getting to know the person first or setting up a better agreement. You could have stayed in a hotel for a week while trying to get to know him more or look for another place on your own-you gotta think with your head and think outside the box. Just move out because of the illegal activity then go to small claims court for the deposit if it's worth the trouble. Surely you've rented before and known better than to just move in cold not knowing a person. There are lots of creepy folks out there and this is proof positive why checking the apartment is just as important as checking the potential roomies out.

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  • 9 years ago

    If your lease is with your roommate and not the homeowner just move out and sue him for the return of any deposit you gave him. You can't be forced to remain in a house where an illegal activity (pot smoking) is occurring which you might be charged with. As far as his ADHD, PTSD, your discomfort and feeling unsafe, those are on you. You should have checked him out before moving in.

  • 9 years ago

    More details about the terms of the lease are needed. Does his lease with the homeowner even allow for subletting? Your agreement may not stand up in court if you move and he pursues it.

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