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WTF? Why are my questions getting deleted?

so i ask normal questions which are not against the rules .

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    Without an example it is impossible to say, but there are types of questions you 'may' think aren't violations which are.

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    YA has community moderation, posts are reported by other members which can result in deletion.The number of abuse reports before deletion depends on the "trust level" of the reporters. Usually all it takes is 2 "trusted" members although sometimes more and in extremely rare occasions only one to report a post and the bots remove it. As to why your post (s) was (were) reported without details that's impossible to say.


    Also Questions without answers are removed by Yahoo after 4 days 8 if you extended it or no best answer" won the vote. You don't lose any points.if it is voted NBA.. the asker will get points returned it never gets answers at all.. it just gets removed as expired and no point changes

    Sometimes a post may seem very innocuous but can still be a violation.This may help you in the future. Here are four very common violations .




    Questions must be of interest to the community, advice-seeking and /or knowledge-worthy.


    Question and Answer format




    Here are the community guidelines. it makes sense to read them


    There are however trolls out there who report most anything. If you feel you have been wronged you should appeal.

    To appeal:

    Go below. Just follow the prompts.


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    The fact that you added in WTF... Alone is a reason to be removed.

    Sometimes... You do nothing wrong, and the trolls report you anyway.

    Sometimes... You say something double meaning, but you don't realize it. The world is a sick place... my sis tells me all the time (Don't say that people think bad of it!) But I didin't realize people are using all these terms to say bad things! So when she tells me I just listen I guess...

    Sometimes people THINK you mean something bad, but you don't mean it intentionally. Try not stating bad words It may count. And try to thurougly revise questions and answers before posting them. Basically anything you wouldent say to a 10 year old... Probably don't say it here

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    There's no way for any of us to know, since your activity is private. If you post in the same section all the time, you might have a " report troll " after you.

    Change your user name

    You'd have to post the questions exactly as you posted them, in order for anyone to make a guess.

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