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i have signed for car finance and i dont want it?

it was on friday and it was drive away same day i have got 14 days to with draw my agreement BUT there say i need to pay for the car in full and i cant take it back

what can i do please help me i cant afford the payment to pay back ether when i came home and work it all out

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    If they give you 14 days to withdraw the offer, you do not have to it. If they refuse to take it back, you might have to contact a bankruptcy attorney in order to get out of it. Usually the first visit or call is free.

    Source(s): Retired bill collector 35 years
  • Without knowing a lot more about the situation, nobody can say whether you can walk away from the purchase or the loan.

    This is precisely why you decide what you want to do BEFORE signing the documents.

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    If you purchased the car, the seller does not have to take it back. You can try selling the vehicle, but you may still end up owing money to the credit company.

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