Can the wifi/bluetooth card of a PS3 be removed and placed into a desktop to enable a desktop to use WIFI?

A buddy of mine bought a PS3 from craigslist and found it none functional. I insisted that it wasn't beyond repair, but he decided to take what he wanted out of it and scrap the rest. He salvaged the Blue ray player and said I could have the rest. I'll salvage the hard drive from it easily enough, but I wanted to know about the bluetooth card and if it could be salvaged from the dead system as well.

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    9 years ago
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    I know nothing about the insides of a ps3, but wouldn't any wifi or bluetooth card be soldered to the motherboard?

    It most probably won't work because it isn't designed to be taken from the ps3, also because the drivers for the device most probably won't be compatible with a computer but still give it a shot!

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