Could it be implantation or my period being weird ?

Ok so my Ovulation day was on the 21st me and my partner had s** twice that day and the day after, now 2 days ago for both days I had brown discharge when I wiped not enough to fill a pad or tampon. It where very light and I had a bit of brown in my underwear, when I got this I had cramps but I'm due on till the 7th even a family member said they have noticed that I've gained some spots (which I never get) and I'm hungry all the time but that's about it. Plz tell me what you think thanks xx oh still having slight cramps now with sharp pains sometimes x

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    9 years ago
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    There is a high possibility that if you know for sure the date you ovulated, and you definitely attempted conception on that day, then this could be implantation bleeding.

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