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When friends become strangers- how do I get him back?

We became friends over our last semester at college. We would email each other for hours every day whilst completing a project together. I had a feeling he liked me, but I just didn’t realise at the time. He said he hoped we’d stayed friends.

But the fact is we haven’t spoken in two months. I just found out he has a girlfriend who is like 7 years older than him. I found that I was the only one trying to maintain contact (once college finished) so I stopped because maybe he thinks I liked him as more than a friend and was bothering him.

I don’t want to lose him because we had something so special. Why would he stop all contact when he was the one who said he hoped we’d stay friends? How do I get him back (as a friend, of course)?

Should I use an indirect method like fb??

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    Getting your ex back is a very easy thing to do. You should check out . They have a book on getting your ex back and give you over a thousand pointers on how to do it. Like how to tell if they want to get back with you and are just dating someone as a cover or if they still like you but don’t know how to bring back the peace. If they are following you around a lot, talk a lot of crap about you to their friends or if they just plum never speak with you at all, these are all signs of them still likening you. My Girlfriend and I of 3 years broke it off and 3 weeks later after I finished reading the book I was back with her and having the best time of our lives. We are doing everything together and I have to say our relationship is better this time around then what it was when we first hooked up. We are happy to be together again and plan on getting married in the next year or so. Anyways I think I’ve blabbered enough about me and I hope you two work it out and I truly do wish you the very best in your relationship.

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    When you are having a problem with friends do not use any indirect methods to contact him.If you want him back in your life then there is only a way that you can follow.You have to go to him and talk to him directly and ask him why he left you and talk pleasingly so that he will get convinced and another thing do not try to scold him because if you start shouting on him be default he will find you less interested and he will skip you.So talk to him politely and remember him how you have been in your college days and get him back towards you.Do not use any indirect methods please and when you go to him first tell him that you are very sorry that you haven't contacted him since college.When you are having a problem with friend and wish to get him back then you should have guts to say him sorry.Then only you will get him back otherwise you cannot.So try to go to him and talk to him directly and tell him how much you are missing him and make him understand your feelings.Hoping that you will get your friend back.Wish you all the best.


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    sleep with him.

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