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My professor generalizes and it bothers me...she's too stuck in her opinion and moves on to the one who agrees?

She was discussing gender roles and relating toys we were given as children to the role we end up filling later on. I was an active child. I wasn't boyish in any way. She was saying that any toy aimed at active children or getting children to move was meant for boys or for fulfilling that male role. When I tried to respond, she cut to the next person.

She had said there are no neutral toys whatsoever. I didn't agree and started giving examples. I explained the "Skip it" after she asked what that was and before I could finish she just said "that's physical" and called on the next person waiting to speak. My point was that physical toys were not only for boys and that there were gender neutral toys.

I hung out with all the other girls as a kid and we were all pretty girly. We played a lot of tetherball, 4 square, did handstands and cartwheels in the grass, Skip-it, Bop-it, jump rope, pogo sticks, etc...

I felt like she left it as "well you were a boyish kid" and it bothered me...I felt the need to clarify and she didn't let me.


Gdude211: She didn't say the "you were a boyish kid" but that's the impression

I got when she just dismissed my argument

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    There are indeed neutral toys. There is a section at my local toy store that says "unisex", and this included things such as board games and music toys. It is normal for girls to play "physical" games and for boys to play games that are more intellectual. Action figures for boys are the same as a girl getting a doll. When I was little (I'm a boy) I had action figures and played tag and colored, most of which was done with both boys and girls. At such a young age, there isn't really a big difference between boys and girls.

    Your professor sounds arrogant. She seems eager to prove her point, and will just dismiss anyone who doesn't agree with her. Someone who is confident in their opinion would be able to listen to both arguments and defend themselves while respecting the other person. I think your professor just wants to prove she is right, and doesn't care about actually debating. The way she left it "you were a boyish kid" shows that she is quick to make generalizations, and it was quite simply rude. Saying that could have sparked a whole other debate, and if she had given you the chance, you could have argued saying "Is there really such a thing as a "boyish" girl, or a "girlish" boy, or do all kids behave the same? She seems to only care about who agrees, and you may find that if you say something she doesn't agree with on a term paper she marks you lower than someone that agrees. Just remember its all about opinion, and she only cares about who agrees, which won't get her far in life, as other people have different opinions. Its a typical narrow minded attitude.

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    That may be very irritating. Discussion and debate are very foremost ingredients of finding out and even though she did not believe your view at the subject as the instructor she will have to have welcomed your opinion, listened to it brazenly, after which given you causes approximately why she disagreed. You would were in a position to open each and every others eyes on distinct view elements. In the tip that is an unlucky hindrance that occurs all to ordinarily and there are only a few matters you'll do approximately it different then accepting it and voicing your suggestions to peers or different academics who possibly extra inclined to pay attention and speak with you. If you particularly needed to pursue this then you definately would talk on your trainer after hours for the duration of a time whilst she's loose to speak to scholars external of sophistication. Explain in a well mannered means the way you think and -consistently- be respectful even whilst you consider she's being unfair to you. That you appreciate her opinion, however you had an thought of your possess and might have preferred to speak about it and get her view on it. She would deliver you a well intent why she brushed over you (similar to restraints on elegance time or on what she's in a position to coach inside the discipline topic), and possibly present to speak about matters external of sophistication wherein you might have extra time. If she brushes you off once more, nonetheless, then I might comfortably take delivery of it as unlucky as it's and allow the entire factor leisure. If you press to rough you would become inflicting undesirable clash and create an uncomfortable hindrance for your self on this elegance.

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    she’s comfy with her view of the world and you’re threatening that.

    perhaps it might be more credible if she generalized about male/female energies - which we all have a combination of.

    but i’m not sure if you should stage a rebellion and try to change her, as it may mess with your grades.

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