White people, if you are the minority in this world why do you continue to date out the most..?

Both the men and women have the highest numbers when it comes to dating other races.

Minority (fewest numbers/population)

Just wondering..


@ Imogene - Check the interracial statistics on the amount of white men and women who marry other races. Also i see a lot of white chicks in my area with other races of men and even white men (usually asian women).

Update 2:

@ Tiff- I disagree, your history and even what you still do today does suggest that white people aren't infact angelic and void of racism. Thats not me calling all white people racist because your not but their is still a sector who are (either overt or invert) and i also disagree that minorities are the reason white people are racist, what exactly have minorities done to white people thats so bad infact i think a lot of minorities suck up to you.

The US is a racist country (like many countries are) and just because they elected a mixed guy to be president doesn't mean that there not racist infact didn't racism become more public just because a black/mixed man became president?

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    9 years ago
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    Minority women (Latinas & Asian women especially) see white men as dominate somehow. So it makes it easier for white men to obtain minority females

    White women are will pretty much go out with any guy if he got a sharp tounge.

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  • 9 years ago

    Whereas I agree that a lot of White Women date outside their race. I can't say the same about the men. I rarely see White Guys dating anyone other than White Women & I live in the most Multi-Cultural Areas of the UK.

    What is 'White' anyway really? You get people who have 'White' features all the way stretching to even areas of South Asia. Even if the world did mix racially so much - There would probably be a nice blend of Black, Brown, Mulatto, White Looking People like Brazil. I don't think people who have as what is deemed 'White' features will go away so easily.

    For example take the English Footballer Ryan Giggs:

    Looks 100% White. Yet unbeknownst to most people he is paternally Black from his grandfather who was from Sierra Leone. Look how dark his father is:

    My point in all this is. I think people who look 'White' will ever go away because dark genes aren't as strong as people think. And most people are mixed somewhere down the line so I don't understand how people can say the White Race is becoming a minority. It makes no sense..

  • Rob
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    7 years ago

    Well, I chose to date a 100% Mexican woman because they tend to respect their men more. Western women---and I'm speaking about white women more than anything, but it is slowly changing to all women within the U.S.---have grown up with this sense of entitlement as if they're owed something.

    I will never date another white woman.. NEVER! Unless she was raised abroad in a non-white majority country. Men want a real marriage. Everyone has flaws, but western women will take a man to the cleaners for anything these days. They're in the process of creating their own paradox via the feminist movement... They want equal rights without equal responsibility.

    No thank you.

  • C J
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    9 years ago

    To grossly generalise, I suppose it's partly because people from places that have more white people (Europe, US, Australia etc) aren't so culturally closely tied to family & place a higher value on individualism than cultures where most people aren't white. So who you choose to date/marry by extension is more likely to be about that person individually (which isn't about skin colour) than the cultural mores they grew up with. I know for example that my Indian friends get a lot more family pressure to marry someone from a similar cultural background.

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    9 years ago

    White women really don't.White men do. I don't know why yahoo denies this. White men marry black, asian, hispanic. The media plays white women up more because white men have left white women for asian and hispanics. They marry black women too. My mother is white and my father is mixed.It very rare for white women to have mixed kids. I know this is my life.

    Dating and actually producing a child is two different things. White men on the other hand. Many half Asian and hispanic in America. The color contrast not as noticeable. People you think is full asian is really half. Met many I thought was real asian.

    Think about the women in the media they promote with black men. How many have mixed kids? Not many. Heidi Klum and that other model. I can't think of her name.

    How many black, asian women and hispanic actually have kids by white men that are famous? To many to count.

  • 9 years ago

    No its not true, its only because you are noticing those more. You dont have any evidence to back this up. Yes white men are considered more dominant, but white men will generally choose a blonde hair blue eyed or brunette caucasian woman any day over a dark skinned latina or asian. Because they consider them lower in class, and dont look at them as suitable candidates to bear their children. So while you may notice interracial people dating alot more, men will always most likely choose the white fair pretty woman to be the mother of his child.

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    9 years ago

    Think about it dood. Just because minorities call whites super racist doesnt mean whites are super racist. In fact, minority racism is WHY most racist whites are racist.

    US gets called the most racist country in the world - how come they have a black president?

    If minorities realize whites really aren't as racist as they think they are, then they have to accept that the reason for their failures is just them, and its easier to blame somebody else than to admit that.

    Source(s): White racist who used to be anti racist.
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