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What are these small, little, red dots? They're around my ankles? Help?


I have a few small, red, dots about the size of the tip on a needle pin and I was wondering what they are. They are painless and don't itch but I have been getting them around like my ankles for about a few years now. They come and go... usually when a few appear and then go away I could still see the little dots where they were and then new ones appear again it's so weird i don't know what they are but I am sort of worried.... I will visit the doctor and ask about them but I would like to know a little about them first to see what they might or could be that would help a lot. Oh I also have some pics to show where they appear and how they look so if anyone can recognize what they are that would help thanks !! =)

Here are the pictures in the links---->


Umm nope. Doesn't look like folliculitis they're not inflamed or anything. They don't appear anywhere else...I don't shave around my ankles because I do not grow hair there so they can't be caused from shaving.They do however, just randomly appear strictly below my shins and around my ankles... they seem to look like they come from underneath the skin and just appear as little red dots. As if someone just poked my skin with a small needle pin, but they definitely do not bleed or anything. They just sort of stay there then disappear in a few months or so. I think it might have something to do with some blood condition or something but i'm not sure. I will visit the doctor to see what they say.

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    Looks like it may be a bit of folliculitis. Does it get worse when you shave?

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    Did you find this out? Could you please email me either way? I have the same thing and I can't find out what it is. Thank you..Hope you get this.

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