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How long can a ball point python go without any heat?

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    (I think you just mean "ball python")

    It depends on how far off their temperatures *are*. If you're somewhere warm enough that their temps are just a few degrees off, then pretty much indefinitely, though it's not terribly good for them. If you're in an unheated house in Alaska in the winter, probably less than half an hour, if that long.

    If your "proper" heating is out of order, you can fake it with supplies on hand (incandescent bulbs, microwaved hot water bottles, etc) until you can replace their heat. The closer you can get to the proper temperatures, the longer you can safely go without replacing their usual heat source (though make sure you're not putting anything in their cage hot enough to burn them). If you're within a few degrees, I'd say there's no problem waiting a week or so to replace their usual heat source; if you're more like 10+ degrees off, I'd try to replace it within a day at most.

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    Depends on the room temperature. Obviously if it gets real cold then they can't at all.

    Even if they can survive through it (Likely) it'll cause stress and digestion problems. There's no reason why a person can't provide them with heat. If one source is broken then use another secondary source and get to the store asap to replace it.

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    I wouldn't risk any longer than 12 hours. Even that might be too much, taking into consideration they get a bit more sluggish after just an hour.

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