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What evidence is there that society gives a damn about men?

- we are sent to war

- we do all the dirty and dangerous jobs

- healthcare favours women

- men die younger

- men commit suicide in far greater numbers

- the vast majority of homeless are men

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    It's a woman's world.

    Men are expected to risk his ego by first date rejection. Then he's expected to pay for the date. Women hold the sex card. Men are expected to be chivalrous. A female supervisor (higher pay) can disrespect a male employee and he doesn't have the "manly fashion" at his disposal to settle the insult.

    A man's honor is so important they used to duel over it ... now some woman can virtually spit in a man's face as she's the boss and if there are no witnesses it's his word against hers.

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    Well, do what you can to change it, then. I don't want any man sent to war. Not one.

    By the way, I spent a few minutes reading about the women miners in America. Yes, coal mining. Women actually get into the mines and work with their male counterparts.

    I don't think society can do anything about men dying younger. Maybe it's got something to do with the taller you are, the more the strain on your heart and the younger you die. That's a biological issue.

    Health care - women have babies, if that's what you mean. That has a huge physical impact on the body that men don't have. Aren't you lucky?

    Please join The Samaritans and do what you can to help.

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    Men are regarded as dispensable and even in Sweden where feminists have twisted everything to favour women they only want men to risk their lives defending there country and its an indication that feminists anywhere are only interested in making sure that women matter more than men.

    Some women talk big and say they would like to fight for their country but women in general are not demanding the equal right of being forced to risk their lives against there wishes because they don't really want to be treated as badly as men, instead they are happy to encourage things to remain in women's favour because they know no one helps men. If women really wanted equality they would be happy to accept equal discrimination as well but instead feminists are only picking rights that suit women and are leaving men with all the rubbish. Men can be called up any time even if they arnt and if women had to live with that they would know what discrimination really was.

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    - young men have been sent to war. Women were not allowed to enter the service during the last draft.

    -I'm going to disagree. Women do most of the care giving and nursing, and that gets pretty dirty. The kind of dirty where you're LUCKY if that's blood on your clothes. As for dangerous, this is why we need good unions. A lot has improved recently for the men working in coal mines, for instance. It was the coal miner families in Appalachia that helped us with that where I'm from. It was a group effort. Great documentaries have been made about this.

    -men die younger because of reasons beyond anyone's control (men naturally develop heart disease sooner), unless you count smoking and drinking, in which case. STOP THAT! Men smoke and drink at a higher rate. For Christ's sake, the suffragettes and the progressives in America tried to stop the drink epidemic

    -Men attempt suicide less, actually. They are more effective at it though, because instead of pills they use guns or rope

    -I'm going to blame this on poor mental health resources. Women are more likely to admit their is a problem, whereas men just won't. There are plenty of halfway houses for men (specifically for men in my neighborhood). The problem here is social, and I'm not sure what the answer is. Letting men know that there is no shame in receiving treatment?

    ADD: I'm not sure where you get that health care favors women. You'll have to be more specific. Do you mean women fundraise more for certain things than men do? Well, that means men favor men less, I'm afraid. Get on that!

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    - Some women want to go to war.

    - Some women want to be Fire fighters, Police Officer's, Miners, Steel Workers etc...

    - Not sure what you mean by this... Please explain.

    - Yes men generally die earlier, but the gap is closing, with more men going to their Doctors with health complaints, sooner and talking to friends about health worries...

    - Some men don't have enough people to unload they're worries, so they tend to keep them locked inside themselves, then one day they either 'kill themselves' or 'go out and kill others'.

    -Sexism is still rife, so that if the main (often male) breadwinner, loses their job, and is unable to find work, then get's depressed and turns to vices, like gambling, drugs or drink, will have an affect on their home life and their family kicks them out, they lose the will to care for themselves and fall into a vicious cycle, leading eventually to homelessness. There are more homeless shelters for homeless families, but not single men or women.

    Source(s): Life wouldn't be worth living without our men, along with women they make the world a happier place...
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    Have to admit, men are expected to deal with a lot of sh*t, just because they're expected to be "strong", "heroic", and "protective". I say screw stereotypes, and let people be who they are, not their flaming gender stereotype.

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    Men dying younger is mostly biological. The draft isn't active and shows no sign of being activated. Men choose to to the dangerous jobs. They can always apply elsewhere or go to college and get a degree to work elsewhere.

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    9 years ago

    Lets face it, we are expendable.

    And its easier to exploit men cause

    its seen as the natural order of things.

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