I am torn between to many career paths to decide what to do with my life?

I am 18, currently attending college for pre med. Part of me wants to be a doctor however I can't decide what to do with my life. I also sometimes wish I were a writer for Television shows and movies. At other times I wanna star in Movies or Television and sometimes I wanna try to make it as a musician. I am well rounded in english and science, however am afraid to try for english in college because of the lack of jobs, but at the same time afraid of not being able to get into med school. I really wish I could make it in thte movie business as a writer/actor however this seems hard to do. I have never been in a play or film before other than short comical ones made for class projects in high school. Due to this lack of experience, im probably not very skilled in acting and i dont know how to get into writing for television. Please help me by providing information or experience as to these matters however you can. Also is anyone else this torn over career paths? I would say I am split evenly over every career I discussed and I wish I could do them all.

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  • Jonah
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    9 years ago
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    Millions of people have this issue and it can be quite serious. The main question to ask is why? If it is for the money, bag it. There are lots of miserable doctors and nurses that want a new profession.

    The hardest thing to ascertain is whether you actually have any talent. This is subjective and difficult to tell. If I wanted something a lot, I would speak with true professionals in the field and get a brutally honest opinion of what it takes. If it's more of just an idea of doing it that you like, don't go for it. People that are great writers typically write for a hobby. They do it for fun. If you have already written many things because you just love it, then that's a good sign. If you have almost nothing written to show for what you have done, that's a pretty clear sign you're just dreaming and it's not a good fit. This is also true for acting. If you haven't done any of it, it's pretty clear it's not your thing. So, what is your thing?

    It's the thing you do when you don't have to do anything else? What have you actually done without someone telling you to do it? And, what do you enjoy taking pride in doing well? If you haven't done much of anything you're really just a dreamer. However, most people find that they tend to do certain things a lot.

    These types of questions can never be answered by another person. It's really up to you and that's what makes it so difficult. Statistically, I can say this. A good career in the medical field is almost a sure thing. The other stuff has high failure rates and that means you need talent and dedication. If you really want to try something out, do it for six months and then try out something else. After a year or two , you should have a good idea what you're doing. It's a good thing you're only 18 because older people don't have as many chances to just try things out.

    Anyway, Good Luck.

  • RBT618
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    9 years ago

    The music and the Film sound an aweful lot like the desire to acquire a hobby. You have no experience in these fields but would like to do it one day - that is a hobby. A career is the thing you will do to survive and support yourself & often a family. Many artist have a real career path while they develop their hobby into a career. Remember, while you get there someone has to pay the bills and support you ... put that into your plan and see how it comes out.

    I think, you can mess about with them as a hobby for years and they may not develop anywhere. If they do fine you can do something with it ... but can you live off of this alone .. is the question to be answered.

    If they don't develop at least you'lll have another actual career going on.

    Arts take a talent ... Film, Music, and Writing are all in the arts that require a talent that needs to be developed in many cases. Some have been bornwith this talent .. ae you?

    To be a Doctor who is trying to develop a talent in one of the others is good but being a doctor is going to feed you and support you in life .. the other thing will be a hobby of yours. Again, you will never be good at one of the hobbies until you focus on only one hobby. You have too much going on here to ever be really good at just one ... you're all over the map ...

    You need to get rid of that which is just sucking your time away from what needs to be done.

    1.) Career - Doctor

    2.) Hobby - (Film - Music - Writing : not all three though)

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