Death Sentence question !?

how do people get death sentence? what are the crimes that people do that laterr they get death row because of their crime they committed? some one said that in order to get death sentence is if you murdered someome and they serve time then years later they get released and they commit the same crime again or if they raped/ robbed. is that true? I dont,know im curious..

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    9 years ago
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    depends on the country. in usa u dont get death in many states. u get death for treason - not loyal to usa.

    in europe, no death penalty at all. in south east asia, india u get death for various crimes. robbery no death unless u murder someone in the course of the robbery. Rape is death in China but not sure if in other countries. rape - get 9 to 20 years again, depending on severity.

    decision to charge is up to the prosecution. police gather evidence and present to the judiciary and they decide. watch the program - Law & Order - so far the nearest to real life. and L&O UK - u can see different styles of prosecution and evidence.

    sometimes the president / governor or head of state can change death to life imprisonment. in UK and various commonwealth countries - its usually 14 years. in some- u die in prison.

    in china - many offences have death as the country is so large and its important to keep people in line and the law must be respected.

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